Iridium Crucibles

Materials with high purity and no defects can be manufactured by melting raw Ir material using the plasma melting method. We also manufacture crucibles from high-density plate materials using hot forging and rolling.


Excellent Capability of Fabricating & Welding

Our skillful experts can offer metal processing with high level of difficulty.

Assurance of High Quality by Careful Inspection

Our products are inspected and confirmed no inner defect by X-ray non-destructive inspection.

Broad Product Line-up

Other than crucibles, we also offer various Iridium products necessary for single-crystal growth such as after heater, reflector and so on. We can provide reinforced Iridium products depending on customer’s demand.

Usage Example

Notable single crystals grown using an iridium crucible include LT (lithium tantalate) used in the noise filter substrate of smartphones and sapphire used in LED substrates.

Machine of CZ Method Seed Holder After Heater Reflector Iridium Crucible

Iridium Products Other Than Crucibles

  • Iridium Seed Holders

    Similar to crucibles, our seed holders are manufactured from high-purity and defect-free materials produced by our plasma double melting process, and we can design and fabricate them depending on the shape of the seed crystal and holder axial.
    Pins for binding seed crystals is also made of Iridium, and can be designed flexibly depending on shape of seed crystals and holders.

  • Pt Crucibles

    We also have line up of Platinum crucibles and equipments.