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Features of Sheath Thermocouple

React Instantly

React to slight change of temperature without delay, because extra-fine tube is applied and heat capacity of thermocouple itself is extremely small.

Excellent Anti-seismic and Impact-resistant Structure

Insulation of high density is applied between sheath and bare wire so that high mechanical strength is secured.

Sheath of Thin Outer Diameter

Easily applied to small equipment as outer diameter of sheath is very thin (0.25 - 8.00mm).

Wide Range of Temperature Measurement

Available temperature from -200℃ to 1400℃.


Bend up to 3x R because of thin outer diameter and perfect annealing.

Type of Sheath Thermocouple (Standard Type)

Type T14 (Standard Type)

Type T14 (Standard Type)

Type T35

Type T35

Type T40

Type T40

Type T90

Type T90

Type T96

Type T96

*Model numbers are indicated in ( ).

*Adapter Diameter: Diameter 0.8mm Sheathed Thermocouple fits diameter 10mm adapter.

Parts of sheath thermocouple



Outer diameter of Sheath

0.25 (W), 0.3 (X), 0.5 (Y), 0.65 (Z), 1.0 (A), 1.6 (B), 2.3 (L), 3.2 (D), 6.4 (F), 8.0 (G)
*1.6 and 3.2 are available for PR sheathed thermocouple.

Wire Type

K TC (K), E TC (E), J TC (J), T TC (T), R TC (R)

Junction of Temperature Measurement

  • Sealed Type JUNCTION 6

    Sealed Type JUNCTION 6

    Measurement junction is exposed and point of sheath is sealed for moisture by epoxy resin.

  • Grounded Type JUNCTION 8

    Grounded Type JUNCTION 8

    Measurement junction is grounded and welded to top of the thermocouple. This type is react instantly but not adapted to use in electrical inductive interference.

  • Unsealed Type JUNCTION 7

    Unsealed Type JUNCTION 7

    Without the seal by epoxy resin, better adapted to use in hot-dry atmospheres.

  • Ungrounded Type JUNCTION 9

    Ungrounded Type JUNCTION 9

    This type is inferior to Grounded Type in response rate but better adapted to use in electrical inductive interference.

Material of the sheath

SUS316 (C), SUS310S (D), SUS347 (F), NCF600 (B), PR10% (R)
*NCF600 and PR10% is available for R type thermocouple wire.

Lead Wire

Type: T35、Sheath Length: 1m, Sheath Diameter: 1.6mm, Wire: K Type, Junction type: Grounded Type 8, Sheath Material: SUS316, Lead Wire Length: 3m, Lead Wire Type:EXB
T35-1000(mm) BK8C-3(mm) EXB-SorW.

Optional Accessory Parts -- Compression Fitting

This screw can adjust the insertion length of the thermocouple.

  • TYPE 5002 (Material SUS304)

    TYPE 5002 (Material SUS304)
  • TYPE 5008 (Material SUS304)

    TYPE 5008 (Material SUS304)
    PT R h L B×C
    1/8 10 6 16 14×16.2
    1/4 15 8 23 17×19.5
    1/2 20 13 33 24×27.7
    3/4 22 16 38 32×37
  • TYPE 5009 (Material SUS304)

    TYPE 5009 (Material SUS304)
    PT R h L B×C
    1/8 10 6 16 14×16.2
    1/4 15 8 23 17×19.6
    1/2 20 13 33 24×27.2
    3/4 22 16 38 32×37

Covered Thermocouple

We can offer thermocouple covered by insulated material which is applied directly to thermocouple wire. Plastic, glass, fluorocarbon resin, ceramic and other materials are used for insulation and material actually used is chosen based on temperature range of measurement.
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