Precious Metals Chemical Compounds

We produce highly purified PGM and its chemical compounds for various purpose, by re-refining PGM powder produces at mite site.



  • Inorganic Compounds
    Inorganic Compounds

    Iridium (Ir)
    Ruthenium (Ru)

  • Organic Compounds
    Organic Compounds

    Iridium (Ir)
    Ruthenium (Ru)

  • SAPd Cross Coupling Catalyst
    SAPd Cross Coupling Catalyst

    The SAPd catalyst can be repeatedly used, and it is usable without ligand for Catalytic reaction. Palladium leakage into the reaction is the smallest level in the world, and it is applicable to cross coupling reaction such as “Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reaction” and “Buchwald-Hartwig reaction”.

  • High Purity Metal Powder

    High Purity Metal Powder

    Best suited metal powder for semiconductor, electronic and new application research.

    Ir 99.995% up (4N5up)
    Ru 99.999% up (5N)