Recycling and Refining

We, as a responsible manufacturer and supplier of the limited resources, are proceeding with recycling business of PGM aggressively, especially with technically more difficult metals to recover, such as Iridium and Ruthenium.

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Noteworthy fabrication technologies of Furuya Metal are combination of making various products by melting and processing Iridium powder supplied by mining companies, and purification and upgrading of metal content by specific recycling procedures. Precise and highly purified products can be made on those remarkable technologies. Furuya Metal is the only competitor in Japan against a few foreign companies equipped with such high level technologies.

Recycling and Refining Products

  • Spent PGM Catalyst
  • PGM Ceramic powder, PGM Refractory
  • PGM Blast Powder
  • PGM waste water etc.