Made-to-Order Sputtering

FURUYA METAL provides made-to-order sputtering service for Magnetic Recording, Touch Panels, Non-volatile semiconductor memory, electric devices and electric components. We are able to provide various kinds of PGM targets. FURUYA commits to contributing to your efficient R&D by speeding up and reducing the costs of development.


Planar Sputtering

  • RF Plasma Support Sputtering Machine

    RF Plasma Support Sputtering Machine

    We can do film formation using 2- and 3-dimensional co-sputtering. Also, since our cathodes are small at φ2 inches, we can perform materials searches at low initial cost because this size is optimal for materials exploration.

  • Long TS Multiple Cathode Sputtering Machine

    Long TS Multiple Cathode Sputtering Machine

    Since we can form films on everything from minute substrates to φ8 inch wafers, we can get new materials onto device development lines and evaluate these materials in-house.

  • High Vacuumφ8inch Sputtering Machine

    High Vacuumφ8inch Sputtering Machine

    We can form films under high vacuum conditions because we use load lock-type apparatus.
    We can supply uniform films through the use of φ300mm targets.

Powder Sputtering

  • Powder Sputtering Machine

    Powder Sputtering Machine

    Powder Sputtering is a technology which coats metals, ceramics, and various other materials at a nano level using a fine powder in a dry environment.

Other Services

  • Patterning

    We provide patterning processing using metal masks and resist patterns together with film formation processing.

  • Thin Film Analysis
    Thin Film Analysis

    According to our customer needs, FURUYA METAL also conduct thin film analysis.