Long TS Multiple Cathode Sputtering Machine


LTS type

Film deposition can be performed on a wafer with a resist material without causing the material to harden.
Film deposition is also possible on a film membrane. Moreover, because the film deposition rate is slow, control of ultrathin film (several nanometers) is also possible.

Reactive sputtering

Oxide and nitride film formations are possible using a metal target.
Supported gases: Ar, O2, N2 * Mixed gases are also supported.


Since we can form films on everything from minute substrates to φ8 inch wafers, we can release new materials to device development lines and evaluate these materials in-house.


size of cathode φ3in.×3(RF×2,DC×1)
size of substrate(MAX) 〜φ8in.×1
Sub. Temperature(MAX) 500℃
Exhaust system RP, TP, CP
Power of Depo(MAX) RF300W X2, DC 250W
Back Pressure(MAX) 7.0×10-5Pa
Base metal material Al, C, Cr, Fe, Mo, Nb, Ni, Re, Si, Sn, Ta, Ti, W, Zn
Precious metal material Au, Pt, Ir, Pd, Ru, Ag
Oxide material Al2O3, MgO, SiO2
Composite oxide material ITO
Others TaC
  • *We are flexible to sputter materials, which are not on our target list. Please contact our sales representatives for detail.