High Vacuum φ8inch Sputtering Machine


Uniform film

We can form films under high vacuum conditions because we use load lock-type apparatus.
We can supply uniform films through the use of φ300mm targets.


We are able to support substrate heating temperatures up to 600℃.
This process is ideal for forming precious metal electrode films in high dielectric and ferroelectric devices as well as various memory wiring materials.


size of cathode φ300×2(RF+DC)
size of substrate (MAX) 〜φ8in.x4 (load-lock type)
Sub. Temperature (MAX) 600℃
Exhaust system RP, TP
Power of Depo (MAX) DC2000W X 2, RF2000W
Back Pressure (MAX) 8.0×10-6Pa
Reverse-Sputter ×
Sputtering Targets Pt, Ru, Al, Cr, Ta, Ti
  • *We are flexible to sputter materials, which are not on our target list. Please contact our sales representatives for detail.