Interback Sputtering Machine


We can form films on large substrates such as φ300Si wafers and glass for FPD.


size of cathode 5inch × 30inch
size of substrate (MAX) 〜370㎜×470㎜
Sub. Temperature (MAX) 250℃
Exhaust system RP, CP
Power of Depo (MAX) DC1500W X2
Back Pressure (MAX) 5.0×10-5Pa
Sputtering Targets Cr, Cu, Mo,Ta, Ti, ITO, IZO, Ag, APC-TR,
  • *We are flexible to sputter materials, which are not on our target list. Please contact our sales representatives for detail.
  • *Thickness and temperature uniformity in plane is ± 10%. There are some exceptions for some materials and sputter conditions.