Development Product

We are working on the development of new products that can make full use of the potential of the precious PGM.


  • FT-eco Catalyst

    FT-eco Catalyst

    The FT-eco catalyst is a revolutionary catalyst that can efficiently decompose and remove ethylene and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in an environment from below freezing to 30℃. It is expected to be used in a wide range of situations from home appliances such as air conditioners, air purifiers and refrigerators to the agricultural and food industries.

  • Nano Alloy

    Nano Alloy

    Even with metals that are said to never be mixed in the academic field of alloys, it is possible to create new substances, "nano alloys," which can be mixed at the atomic level using "modern day alchemy." We are exploring various applications by enhancing the functionality of nano alloys.

  • High Purity Metal Powder

    High Purity Metal Powder

    These high purity powders are ideal for the semiconductor field, electronic materials field, and the search for new materials.

    Ir 99.995%up (4N5up)
    Ru 99.999%up (5N)