Furuya Metal at a Glance Furuya Metal: Part of Your Everyday Life, Building a Better Future

Specialist of Rare and Hard-to-Treat Precious Metals

We do what other companies don't do. Furuya Metal specializes in iridium and ruthenium, which are rare and hard-to-treat metals relative to other kinds of precious metals. As a matter of fact, we are one of the pioneers that created the industrial market of these materials.
Today, our products hold a significant market share. We have developed sophisticated processing technologies and established a recycling system that encompasses procurement, processing and recovery.
We will contribute to the protection of the global environment through recycling of the rare precious metals and the development and production of eco-friendly catalysts.

Furuya's Technologies in Hidden Places Furuya is Everywhere

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    Throughout Your Daily Life

    Ruthenium is used when making laundry bleach, antiseptic solutions and nylon-fiber for clothing.
    Moreover, Furuya Metal's technologies are seen in other daily products such as soap, writing implements (fountain pens), camera lenses and lighting equipment.

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    In a Business Setting

    Furuya Metal is a vital player in the field of digital devices, which are indispensable in today's world.
    Iridium and ruthenium we supply are used in smartphones, computers, touchscreens, OLED displays and various other products.

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    In an Automotive Life

    Various automotive parts and technologies use iridium and ruthenium: spark plugs, anti-glare mirrors, exhaust gas catalysts, fuel cells and more—in places both visible and invisible to the eyes.

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    Even in Food Products...!?

    It's hard to believe it, but precious metals are important when making food products.
    Ruthenium is used to give aroma to sweets such as drops and chewing gums. Catalysts are utilized to create fruity scents, vanilla fragrances and other aromas.

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    Bridge Between the Earth and Space

    Engines used in rockets, airplanes and other flying vehicles reach high temperatures during operation. Then Iridium works as an important material because of its high thermal resistance.
    Furuya's technologies can be found in the aircraft flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters and in the spacecraft soaring beyond the stratosphere.

Our Major Products Occupy Top Market Share Worldwide Three Features of Furuya

Supporting Digital Society Behind the Scenes

Furuya Metal has devoted itself to research and development of new applications and sent out a wide variety of products to the market.
These products have supported the development of the advanced information society in diverse fields through products such as HDDs, semiconductors, smartphones, touchscreens and OLED displays.

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    90% - Global Market Share in the Industrial Products Containing Iridium

    ※Source: Furuya Metal

    ※China not included

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    100% - Global Market Share in the OLED Phosphorescent Base Materials

    ※Source: Furuya Metal

Essential Contributor
In the Pursuit of an Eco-Friendly Society

Catalysts that use metals such as iridium and ruthenium are useful in the facilitation of chemical reactions, and the materials generated from those reactions serve us in many ways throughout our day-to-day lives.
These precious metals are also essential in practical hydrogen applications intended to reduce CO2 emissions, storage battery manufacturing and similar endeavors.
Furuya Metal's technologies support our daily lives and the quest for realization of an eco-friendly, zero-carbon-emission society.

One of the Strongest Procurement and Recycling Capabilities

Through the direct contracts with major mining companies in South Africa, we ensure stable supply routes for PGM raw materials.
Furthermore, Furuya Metal collects the products that customers have used until their depletion, then recycle them with our proprietary technologies and finally reuse them as high-purity precious metal materials for new products.
The looped business model and the recycling capacities which surpass the worldwide mining output are strengths unique to Furuya Metal.

How Rare and Precious Are Iridium and Ruthenium?

Iridium and ruthenium are some of the rarest and the most valuable ores available among the precious metals, and only limited quantities can be extracted through mining. Therefore, it is extremely wasteful to use these materials only once and then to throw them away.
This is why Furuya Metal came to challenge material recycling.
Our looped business model enables a stable supply of iridium and ruthenium in the volume and purity equivalent to those of the metals from the mines for the sake of the sustainable society.

Striving to Become the World's Number One Player in Iridium and Ruthenium The Future of Furuya

Contributing to the Development of Digital Society
and the Conversion to Green Society.

Since Furuya Metal's founding in 1968,
we have pursued innovation from one after another throughout our history.

With revolutionary technologies and ideas since the day 1,
we have discovered new value in the rare metals: iridium and ruthenium,
which became a leverage to alter our society significantly.

As a result, Furuya Metal was selected twice by METI as one of the "Global Niche Top Companies."
In 2023, we were listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Always keeping venture spirit in mind,
we will continue to support people's daily lives
by responding to the needs in the industrial market of the next generation.