1968 August Establishment of Furuya Metal Co.,Ltd. (Mitaka City, Tokyo)
1975 April Entry into industrial-use precious metals business
1981 October Successful development of the first domestically produced iridium crucible
1982 June Construction of Takada Plant at 1-chome, Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
1986 April Opening of Osaka Branch
1986 July Commencement of sales of Shin-Etsu Chemical products procured from the Advanced Materials Division
1989 July Collaborative development with Nippon Steel Corporation and Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd. of thermometer for continuous temperature detection of cupola/molten steel
1990 October Construction of Tsukuba Plant in Shimodate City (present Chikusei City), Ibaraki
1991 December Collaborative development of high-temperature sensor (using iridium alloys) with NASDA (present Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
1993 June Appointment as Japan's domestic sales agent for industrial-use PGM by the precious metal mining company, Western Platinum Ltd. (Republic of South Africa)
1998 October Establishment of Tsukuba Research and Development Center
2000 February Attainment of ISO9001 certification regarding Quality Management Systems for Tsukuba Plant
2002 October Opening of Sendai Branch
2003 May Establishment of workshop B in Tsukuba Plant located in Shimodate City (present Chikusei City), Ibaraki Prefecture
2005 February Establishment of workshop C in Tsukuba Plant located in Shimodate City (present Chikusei City), Ibaraki Prefecture
2005 November Approval of Good Delivery Status from London Platinum and Palladium Market or LPPM
2006 January Qualification of Tsukuba Plant for international environmental standard, ISO14001
2006 September IPO approval by Jasdaq Securities Exchange, Inc. (Securities Code: 7826)
2007 March Opening of Nagoya Branch Opening of Kyushu Satellite Office
2007 June Establishment of workshop D in Tsukuba Plant located in Chikusei City, Ibaraki Prefecture
2007 December Construction of Tsuchiura Plant in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture
2009 January Attainment of ISO 14001 certification regarding International Environmental Standard for Tsuchiura Plant
2009 March Tsukuba Plant was registered as JCSS Calibration organization and assessed as an accredited organization to meet requirements of Measurement Law and International Standard ISO17025
2010 October Construction of Chitose Plant in Chitose City, Hokkaido
2011 February Completed an agreement on a capital and business alliance with Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.
2011 September Establishment of Furuya Metal Korea Co.,LTD.
2013 April Establishment of Furuya Metal Americas INC
2013 July Dry refining furnace started operation at Tsuchiura Plant.
2013 July Listed on JASDAC(Standard) in consequence of consolidation of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange
2013 December Sendai Branch was permanently closed
2014 March Chemical catalyst production equipment started operation at Tsuchiura Plant
2014 March Chosen as one of the "Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100" by METI
2014 September Consolidated Osaka Sales Office with Nagoya Sales Office and renamed it to “Western Japan Business Unit”
2017 June Dissolved Western Japan Business Unit
2020 May Established Furuya Eco-Front Technology Co., Ltd.
2020 June Chosen as one of the "2020 Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100" by METI
2020 July Invited Anglo Platinum Marketing Limited as the joint venture partner for Furuya Eco-Front Technology Co., Ltd.
2021 May Establishment of Furuya Eco-Front Technology Shanghai., Ltd
2022 April Transition to Standard market from JASDAQ (Standard) market due to the market restructuring of Tokyo Stock Exchange
2023 December Reclassified from the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange