Engagement in Environment

Environmental Policy

Since the founding, FURUYA METAL has been conducting under the management philosophy of contributing to the advance of science and technology and the prosperity of society through industrial precious metal products.
For the future, not only effects on reduction of burdens on the environment, but also we will strive to take part in technological innovation in the fields of clean-energy and environment conservation utilizing various superiorities of precious metals.

  • Not only to the observation of environment-related laws and regulations and customers demand criterion, but also we work to raise the management level.
  • We develop and operate environmental management system and undertake effects for continuous improvement.
  • We establish management system on chemical inclusion of products and chemical materials to be used during production process for prevention of health and decrease in burdens on the environment.
  • We improve recycling of resources.
  • We promote development of environment-friendly products.
  • We proceed training and enlightening to have each employee is cognizant of the importance of global environment conservation and achieve a goal in accordance with environmental policy.
  • We disseminate our company's environmental policy to all employees and disclose it to outside of the company if required.

Environmental Management

Acquisition of ISO Certification

FURUYA METAL acquired ISO 9001:1994 in February 2000, and renewed its certification with the latest edition of ISO 9001:2008 in December 2009. The Company aims to continue maintaining and expanding this certification in the future in order to manage all of its manufactured products employing this quality management system as well as to meeting the needs and expectations of customers.

Furuya Metal acquired ISO14001 certification for its environmental management systems in January 2006. Going forward, the Company will make ongoing reductions in the burden on the global environment by striving to support technical innovations in clean energy, environmental cleanup, and valuable metal recycling from industrial waste.

The Company was certified in March 2009 as an Accredited Calibration Laboratory (conformity with ISO/IEC17025) by the Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS), corresponding to the International Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) for the calibration of R thermocouples. We will continue our efforts to achieve even higher levels of quality under international standards.

[ Background to Acquiring ISO Certification ]


February 2000Tsukuba Plantacquires ISO9001 certification
January 2006Tsukuba Plantacquires ISO14001: 2004 certification
December 2006Tsukuba PlantCertification renewed to ISO9001: 2008
January 2009Tsuchiura PlantExpands ISO9001-ISO14001 certification
March 2009Tsukuba PlantCertified by JCSS as an Accredited Calibration Laboratory (ISO/IEC17025),
corresponding to the International Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA)
January 2011Chitose PlantExpands ISO9001-ISO14001 certification
December 2017Tsukuba Plant、Tsuchiura Plant、
Chitose Plant
Certification renewed to ISO9001 and ISO14001 2015
December 2018Tsukuba PlantCertification renewed to ISO17025 2017

Our Approach to Climate Change

Initiatives for Utilizing Renewable Energy

Tsukuba Plant
Tsukuba Plant

As part of its initiatives to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in its business activities, Furuya Metal Co., Ltd. is working on initiatives for utilizing renewable energy, such as installing solar power generation equipment and procuring zero-carbon electricity (electric power produced with zero CO2 emissions).

Since May 2022, the Tsukuba Plant has achieved zero CO2 emissions in its purchased electricity by procuring electricity that includes a non-fossil certificate.
As a result of these initiatives, the proportion of renewable energy used for electricity purchased by production sites has reached 100%.

In addition, the Tsukuba Plant also started in June 2022 to procure electricity from solar power generation equipment installed at the plant, enabling it to produce 7.43% of the electricity used at the production site.

Going forward, the Company will continue to proactively work on environmental issues in order to realize a carbon-free society.