Our Sustainability

Message from the President

As the only manufacturer that is focused on iridium and ruthenium (elements in the same group as platinum) among all Japanese and foreign manufacturers of precious metal products, Furuya Metal has an unwavering commitment to its corporate philosophy of “contributing to the development of scientific technology and social prosperity” since its establishment.

We have continuously endeavored to meet the expectations of our customers and the needs of the market while being attentive of the advancing scientific technology and evolving social circumstances. As a result, the Company’s products and services—which include high-performance precious metal materials essential for the manufacturing of smartphones, target materials for magnetic storage media, temperature sensors for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, catalysts and chemical compounds for organic EL, as well as the recycling of precious metal resources—play a vital role in the evolution of today’s digital society and in reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

Generally speaking, “corporate sustainability” refers not only to the pursuit of profits but also to the potential to expand corporate value and continue supplying products to customers while paying attention to preserving the natural environment and social systems. If this is true, it may be said when looking back on our history that we have been able to achieve our corporate sustainability goals as each and every one of our employees has conscientiously abided by our corporate philosophy and created new demand by harnessing the unique properties of iridium and ruthenium, which naturally contributes to environmental protection and social development.

However, we are currently in the midst of a powerful paradigm shift, where events that were typically not considered normal have become part of what is now called the “new normal,” as serious risks that impact all humankind, such as a pandemic that is said to occur once in a century, severe climate change and natural disasters, changes in ecosystems due to environmental destruction and other factors, are increasing. The accelerated evolution of digital technologies, including AI and blockchain, has given rise to new business models through digital transformation and brought about greater convenience for society. However, the risks in exchange for this convenience have also become apparent. We must not forget that CO2 is generated even in the process of utilizing decarbonized energy.
I believe that since the future is not simply an extension of the past, it is vital for us to shift from the “passive sustainability” that we have been unconsciously practicing until now to a “proactive sustainability,” in which each and every employee perceives the paradigm shift that we are experiencing now in real time as their own challenge and actively engages with it, in order for the Company to survive this unprecedented paradigm shift and continue to exist. At the same time, there is a need for all our employees to come together and implement concrete measures and projects after carefully considering questions such as the kind of prosperous society that Furuya Metal wishes to create, the kinds of science and technology that can play a role in tackling issues currently facing the global environment and society, the proper way to address the evolution of digital technology and environmental issues, as well as the means through which the Company’s technology can contribute on all fronts.

It goes without saying that a sound and unshakeable corporate governance system is essential in achieving sustainable growth. We strive to make steady progress in developing and strengthening various aspects of our corporate governance system, such as risk management (including supply chains), compliance, human resources, and governance structure.

As the Company’s top management, I am determined to take the initiative in leading Furuya Metal to achieve a state of “proactive sustainability” so that the Company can continue to grow in a sustainable manner while abiding by its corporate philosophy.

January 2023

Takahito Furuya

Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to the development of scientific technology and social prosperity

Furuya Metal’s CSR Charter

At Furuya Metal, we believe that our social responsibility as a corporate citizen is to always keep in mind our corporate philosophy of “contributing to the development of scientific technology and social prosperity” and put it into practice in the course of our day-to-day corporate activities, while maximizing our profits and paying our taxes. In order to achieve this goal, we have established Furuya Metal’s CSR Charter as follows as a code of conduct that must be observed by all employees working at the Company as we work toward the creation of a sustainable society.

Corporate governance
We will engage in our corporate activities with accountability and transparency, actively disclose information to all stakeholders, and strive to maximize corporate value.

Human rights
Under no circumstances shall we discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs and creed, age, social status, disability, marital status, or any other grounds.

Working practices
We place the utmost priority on safety and aim to create a safe, healthy, and open workplace where each and every employee can maximize their respective qualities and abilities.

Each and every employee shall recognize the importance of protecting our irreplaceable global environment. We strive to contribute to environmental conservation not only through our everyday efforts as good citizens but also through Furuya Metal’s distinctive business activities, such as the development of products that reduce environmental impact and the recycling of resources.

Fair operating practices
Each and every employee shall cultivate a strong awareness of the importance of being a good business person, carry out corporate activities fairly and in a socially responsible manner complying with laws, regulations, and societal norms, while excluding all individuals and groups that are contrary to the social order and principles of sound corporate activities without associating with such individuals and groups.

Consumer issues
We strive to meet the expectations of our business partners and earn their trust by providing them with high-quality and safe products and services that meet their requirements.

Community involvement
We value living in harmony with local communities with which we are engaged, and as a corporate citizen that supports the development of society, we will create prosperous and vibrant communities not only through our business operations but also through various forms of social contribution.